Phil Angelino (Paul Darrigo)
Phil was raised with traditional family values on the East Coast. He went to Catholic school and found himself in trouble most of the time. His father was always a driving force in his life, but he pushed Phil away. So, Phil joined the Marines to “be on his own”. Soon he realized that ot took work... hard work, and a soldier has to push the limits. He decided on the supply room as his field of specialty. It was his safe way out but he was good at it. When his term of service ended, he went to college on a G.I. Bill, majoring in Communications. This is where Phil Angelino and Bob Connelly became friends. After graduation, he floundered for a year until he read about an opening in the FBI. Not even aware he could qualify for a Special Agent, he applied for support personnel, which is where he has been ever since.

Bob Connelly (Joel Spence)
Bob (Robert, to his Mom) Connelly was born in Pennsylvania, just outside Philly. His upbringing was met with some serious challenges when his father passed away from a heart attack in his forties. Bob, not a religious guy, had to fend for his family right after High School. His younger sister would be going to college as well, and she would need his support. Bob always had to look out for the secure way, something that would provide. His mother suggested computers. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.

When he met Phil, there was something he liked about him that he could never could put a finger on. As fate would have it over a cold soda, Bob also applied for the FBI hoping to work in the IT department. A fruitless hope.

Darren Andrews (Lance Holt)
Mr. IT Extraordinaire. A born Conspiracy Theorist, Darren is one of those guys who builds himself up by proving the other guy wrong. He is clearly talented. A talent born from his need to win. When he does win, he is filled with glee and flaunts it... generally behind your back. Darren grew up with two athletic older brothers. Ergo, he was always in competition for his parent's attention. When the competition was physical, Darren was no match, so he turned to something he could excel at. His way would keep him away from crowds and coaches and from being pushed around. His way was the way of the hacker. This is how he had his revenge in college, but he soon tired of such omnipotence, and thus learned that his path would be on the side of the law. He joined the FBI so he could cast his fate with the very best.

Jennifer Schneitenhousenburger (Vicki Edwards)
Jennifer was an only child. She was on the Cheerleading Squad and quickly earned her way to captain. Her parents were both very successful business people. She emulated their behavior and only wanted to be like them. He ambitions changed from following her parent’s footsteps to something more exciting, she thought. Working for the government. What a way for her to give back to the community. She was brought into the FBI for her meticulous attention to details and was employee of the month six times and counting.

Agent Dakoy & Agent Willoughby
(Jeff Rector & Troy Winbush)
Two Ivy League hot shots who lead the Bureau with most successful case closures (thanks to Phil and Bob). They look good, smell good and know they are good. They went to college together, joined the FBI together and got married at the same time. They even both have daughters (they wanted sons) at the same time. They both look out for themselves and stay sharp. When Phil and Bob were assigned to support them, they made sure to keep them in check. Making sure that the credit went to the right people, themselves.

SAC Blithers (Richard Riehle)
The ever-watchful bureaucrat. He seems to be watching everything, but doesn’t really know what truly goes on behind closed doors.

Assist. SAC Wright (Kim Estes)
Insightful and wry, he always knows what’s going on and has a strange habit of saying things in a manner that makes people wonder what he’s taking about.