Synopsis of the FBI Guys

Jackie Chan Meets Scrubs

Two over-worked, under-appreciated civilian analysts spend their day filing reports in triplicate, answering phones, searching for buried information, and other mundane tasks.  PHIL ANGELINO and BOB CONNELLY are the best analysts at the FBI.  Their ability to uncover obscure data for hotshot Special Agents DAKOY and WILLOUGHBY, helps close their cases and keeps them in the spotlight. They take all the credit for themselves, leaving Phil and Bob in the background.

Phil and Bob’s heads are on the block with imminent departmental lay-offs.  Phil is jolted into reality.   He can no longer play it “safe,” something that not only produced a stagnant career but left him personally unfulfilled.  He pleads with a reluctant Bob to solve a cold case; to prove their worth, to bolster their careers and with a bit of luck to shelter them from the axe. 

For our dubious ill-equipped analysts, the idea of venturing into unfamiliar territory is terrifying but it’s the only chance they have to save their necks.  Agents Dakoy and Willoughby are unwilling to help, leaving the pair to fend for themselves.  An arrogant and jealous IT specialist, DARREN ANDREWS, is on their tail trying to thwart them at every turn. Their persistence pays off when they uncover the solution to close not one, but two cases.   Phil and Bob unravel the mystery propelling them closer to becoming Special Agents. 

Phil’s martial prowess and Bob’s quirky computer-ease, coupled with their Abbott and Costello-like Hi-jinks, lead them on an entertaining journey.  Along the way they not only over come the bad guys, their own antiquated agency and their own personal obstacles, but they discover their true inner selves and ultimately achieve their goal of becoming Special Agents.  Well, almost… as Agent Candidates, they’re given the opportunity to show Special Agent in Charge BLITHERS, that their success wasn’t a fluke.

In future episodes, Phil and Bob pursue the dangling carrot of advancement held by an aging SAC Blithers, who is under pressure from Homeland Security to tighten his ship or face the unemployment line.  Andrews, Dakoy and Willoughby have joined forces in hopes of regaining their previous status while stripping Phil and Bob of theirs. And of course, the bad guys keep on coming in this knock down, hit your funny bone, action comedy.